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It is not surprising that no state has ever voted for something like this. I've asked, but so far received no response, to my question about what power the state has to regulate decisions by the owners of Oaklawn or Southland to sell to other investors. I'd guess Arkansas would have a hard time standing in the way of such a business decision. Speaking of the vagaries of ownership, it would be unkind to detail the past racketeering charges and reports of mob ties in the corporate family tree of the greyhound track ownership. However shadowy and bad the idea might be of writing Missouri-controlled LLC's into the state Constitution (if the Arkansas legislature hadn't passed an abominable law shielding LLC ownership we'd know a lot more), the political issue is a lot simpler. I think polling will show that the great contest is between the traditional resistance to casino gambling in Arkansas, driven by religious influence, against the growing prevalence of gambling in the United States. The debate about constitutional construction is a worthy and interesting one, but I don't think it's much of a voter mover. And please. Out of state owners? The boss of Southland, Jeremy Jacobs, has homes in New York and Florida. The Cella family that has controlled Oaklawn for generations makes their primary homes in the St. Louis area.

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