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Residents involved with illegal drugs wait for fellow surrenderees before taking a pledge that they will not use or sell <a href=casino online free spins ''Shabu'' (Meth) again after surrendering to police and government officials in Makati, metro Manila, Philippines, August 18, 2016. REUTERS/Erik De Castro' align='left' /> The killings have drawn widespread international criticism, including from the United Nations, drawing angry responses from Duterte. On Thursday, the Philippine leader hurled insults at U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the European Union, then invited them to come to investigate his crackdown. {nL3N1BY29S] Yasay said Duterte had won "an unprecedented and resounding electoral mandate" and now enjoyed a 92 percent approval rating. As such, he had to deliver on a "sacred" call for change. "To him, this trust is sacrosanct," Yasay said. "It cannot be breached, under no circumstance must it be compromised." Duterte's defiance of high-profile organizations and his insults of anyone from U.S. President Barack Obama to the pope have amused many Filipinos, but worried foreign governments - not the least the United States, which sees Manila as a vital partner in Asia in the face of a rising China. Some analysts predict Duterte will seek to diversify foreign relations beyond Washington, including by seeking better ties with erstwhile maritime foe China.

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