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Local History: Raids on gambling machines led by DA in 1918

Photo: N/A, License: N/A the proprietor $11.50,” the article reported. “It was the (saloon’s) ... share of the machine receipts.” Just days earlier, law enforcement officials had declared war on nickel slot machines spreading across the city. The casual collection stop witnessed by the county detective only served to fuel county District Attorney George W. Maxey’s resolve rid the region of the one-armed bandits once and for all. An estimate placed about 500 machines operating in the city in 1918, and about 2,000 in the county. The average machine netted $40 to $50 a day, thought a machine in a “good location takes in from $80 to $100 gross on a Saturday,” according to The Scranton Times. Not everyone believed the police were acting fairly when businesses with slot machines were raided. “Charges of discrimination, protection and graft in high places mark the warfare that has opened in the city between competing nickel slot machine interests following the confiscation of some 40 machines by the police in a raid here Tuesday night,” The Scranton Times reported on June 13, 1918. “Owners of the confiscated machines make the straight-out charge that city hall consistently permits machines owned by a little clique of petty politicians known as the ‘syndicate’ to operate without molestation, while machines put up by those outside the magic circle are confiscated on sight by police acting on complaints filed in city hall by members of the ‘syndicate.’” Another Scranton Times article published the same day accused police of “protecting the syndicate’s machines at one turn (and) looting the machines at the next turn.

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